With Sofia’s prime location, residents can conveniently enjoy access to Santa Clara’s vibrant community. Located near many public transit options, comfortable bikeways, carshare vehicles, and convenient spots to catch an Uber or Lyft, residents of Sofia can easily get to work, run errands, or explore Santa Clara and the surrounding Bay Area without a car.  

Discover the freedom of various alternative forms of transportation, ensuring you can easily access a ride whenever you need it. Our team has included the pertinent information below, making public transportation a seamless part of your routine.

Public Transit

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VTA and Caltrain

VTA services bus, light rail, and paratransit services all throughout Santa Clara County. Sofia is 0.2 miles from the ACE Gray Shuttle and 0.3 miles from the #20 Bus Milpitas BART which conveniently gets around Santa Clara in a breeze. Located 0.4 miles away, is the L1 Local, L2 Local, and L3 LTD 3 Rail lines for those looking to catch the light rail. 

Sofia is also excellently located near Lawrence Caltrain Station, providing direct access to Mountain View, Redwood City, Menlo Park, San Francisco, and more. Routes and schedules and regional transfer fare discounts, are great resources for frequent commuters.

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Bike and Carpool 

Sofia has a bike score of 71, where biking is convenient for most trips (local bikeways map). For those looking to carpool, Merge is a FREE, easy-to-use ride matching service intended to form ongoing commuter carpools in the Bay Area.

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Other Resources

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